An All Natural Ice Cream That Kids Will Love

An All Natural Ice Cream That Kids Will Love

Whether it’s sweets, chocolate, burgers or ice cream, parents are likely to be unwilling to give their children any unhealthy junk food as a snack. Sugary or fatty foods will be bad for their health, both physical and mental, and the struggle to get kids to eat the foods you want them to can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Anyone who has ever tried to get a child to eat their greens knows that they don’t always eat what you want them to.

This can be incredibly stressful for parents to figure out just how to get kids to eat healthier, but on the other hand, you still want them to be able to eat the foods you both love. I mean, no one wants to be the parent who bans their kids from eating ice cream!

However, there may be a way round this. Now, we realize that the idea of ice cream being good for you sounds initially ridiculous. But just because it’s ice cream, it doesn’t mean there aren’t some healthier versions out there that your kids will love just as much as they always have.

So is natural ice cream healthy for kids? Well, it’s much healthier than the alternatives out there that are filled with artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers and any number of unnatural dyes that are added during the manufacturing process. But all this probably leads you towards one important question that you need answers to…

What is Organic Ice Cream?

Essentially, organic ice cream is the best version that ice cream can be. See, the majority of mass produced ice cream from large companies will be pumped full of artificial preservatives, emulsifiers and sweeteners to help make it sweet. Alongside this, they will also add unnatural dyes to brighten the colour and make it stand out more and look more appealing. However, while it might make the ice cream look more vibrant, it absolutely doesn’t make it taste better. All these unnatural and synthetic ingredients will make ice cream feel sickeningly sweet and not taste the way a great scoop should.

Organic ice cream on the other hand does things completely differently. It focuses on the great taste of natural ingredients and avoids including any type of additive or preservative. Basically, if it’s something that’s not natural, it’s not going in the ice cream. This is better, not only regarding the taste, but it makes a much healthier alternative to other available ice creams.

flavored ice cream scoop

The All Natural Ice Cream Revolution

If you’ve been getting sick and tired of companies pumping their products full of unnatural products, then rest assured, because you’re not the only one. As people, parents especially, were becoming wary of giving the kids food full of artificial emulsifiers and synthetic dyes, some companies thought that there had to be a better way of doing things.

Small family run businesses, like Nature’s Ice Cream in Fremont, California, decided to make their own flavors, using only organic and natural ingredients. So if you’re a classic flavor lover who just enjoys the clean, authentic taste of Vanilla or Chocolate Chip, a experimental type who is always for something new be it Chocolate Zztec or Hot Mango, or even someone looking for good Vegan ice cream, you rest assured knowing that everything that goes into these products is 100% natural.

So when someone next asks you what does organic ice cream mean? You can tell them, it means a better tasting scoop that’s loads better for you.

choco chip ice cream scoop

The Last Scoop

When it comes to making sure you know just what is the healthiest type of ice cream out there you can buy, prioritize getting products that are completely organic and made in an all natural way. All this means you’ll be able to offer your kids ice cream without any worries about unnatural products, and once they try it, they will definitely thank you for it!

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