Healthy Quarantine Habits For A Happy Life

Healthy Quarantine Habits For A Happy Life

Sometimes life throws the first punch, but you just gotta fight back. With all that is going on right now, your quarantine habits and lessons should be stimulating and beneficial. It is key to stay positive, informed, and active. We want to see you thrive and live your life to the fullest! Here are some healthy quarantine habits to pay attention to or add to your daily lifestyle:

1. Cut Back On Sugar Intake

Cut Back On Sugar Intake

Sugary, sweets, and desserts are all so delicious, but very bad for you in the long run. While that statement might be obvious, not many people actually pay attention to it at the moment when they are craving something. You might be wondering, what’s the worst that can happen if you like your scoop of ice cream at the end of the day. Well… “The effects of added sugar intake — higher blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, and fatty liver disease — are all linked to an increased risk for heart attack and stroke,” says Dr. Hu.

Don’t stress, there are many ways to eat your favorite sweets without risking your precious life in the future. For more information check out this video. It explains how sugar and fructose travel through your body and what it eventually causes. The outcome isn’t great…but there are still many ways to get the satisfaction and joy from eating desserts that are a little better for you. Number one on that list is, of course, Nature’s Organic ice cream collection. We are a health conscious brand and truly care about our customer’s happiness. Although we still have some sugar and fats in our ice cream, it is still much better and flavorful than the generic brands out there.

2. Exercise Daily

Exercise Daily

You don’t have to diet or run marathons to be healthy, but it’s important to keep doing physical activity especially during the quarantine. This is because it helps you a lot more than just allowing you to be fit.

  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves brain function
  • Good for your heart
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Active people usually get better rest

There are so many more reasons, but the lack of exercise can harm you too. We encourage you to exercise for at least thirty minutes a day, to get your heart rate up, and to stay energized. It’ll be hard at first, but you’ll get better and stronger as time goes by. You can always treat yourself at the end too!

3. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

While water is very necessary to stay alive and moving, it can be very easy to forget to drink it. Water not only keeps you glowing and up and at it, but without it you would lack a quality of life. It’s very easy to forget to drink water, but it is necessary and this is why:

  • Keeps bodily fluids balanced
  • Energizes your muscles
  • Maintains bowel functions
  • Helps with brain functionality
  • Keeps you hydrated

With that being said, try to remember what water can do for you, next time you feel thirsty! Another tip would be to drink water after eating a meal, after working out, and every time your mouth feels dry. Grab your water bottle and get to work.

4. Keep Doing What You Love

Keep Doing What You Love

It might be hard to feel motivated some days, so don’t feel pressured to be productive every single hour of the day. Remember to take time for yourself, do your hobbies, and relax. There is a huge importance to spending time on yourself. Your life will be more fulfilling and you’ll feel more contempt with yourself. It’s a healthy habit during Covid to have mental checkups once in a while and to make sure you keep doing that for yourself as time goes on as well. If you are unable to do your hobby currently, try to find a new one, or enjoy the peacefulness. You can listen to music, do yoga, draw, backe, etc… There are so many ways to unwind in a healthy way during the quarantine.

5. Keep and Daily Routine

Keep and daily routine

This may seem basic, but lots of people struggle with sticking to one due to stress. Try to maintain a healthy routine, and keep track of your progress. If you find yourself struggling, talk to someone about how you are feeling so you can collaboratively see what the problem is. Keeping a routine will help you be more productive and responsible with how you spend your time. You might feel more satisfied at the end of the day if you follow through with your plans. Sticking to a routine can help you feel more in control of your life. Try your best, and don’t stress. Just listen to what you really want.

We hope you keep putting your health first and are developing healthy habits during Quarantine. Remember you are amazing! Tag us on Instagram using @naturesorganic when you try our ice cream or try these tips.

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