Ice Cream Brings Happiness, and Here’s why?

Ice Cream Brings Happiness, and Here’s why?

Here at Nature’s Organic, we’ve suspected for quite a while now that ice cream brings happiness. And we’re pretty sure we’re not alone in thinking this too if our customers’ shared love for ice cream is anything to go by. For us, there’s no greater pleasure in life than diving into a scoop or four of our favorite ice cold snack, and sheer joy doesn’t get much better than discovering a new flavor you just can’t get enough of. But suppose there’s a chance we could be biased…we are an ice cream making company, after all!

Turns out it’s not just us and our fellow ice cream fanatic customers that believe this snack holds the key to ultimate pleasure. Believe it or not, the world of science is on our side too. Yep – scientists have actually established a real link between happiness and our favorite cold stuff.

So just how does ice cream affect your mood? Here’s a rundown of what we know so far about just how happy your favorite snack can make you.

Truly Scrumptious Science

Back in 2005, scientists at England’s Institute of Psychiatry in London were actually able to scan the brains of people while they were digging into bowls of vanilla ice cream (that’s our kind of research!) The results may have surprised them, but certainly not us at Nature’s Organic. They found that there is a direct link to how the brain processes happiness during and after the act of eating ice cream. To get all ‘science-y’ – the part or the brain known to light up when people are enjoying themselves, called the orbitofrontal cortex, is actually activated while eating ice cream, sending happy signals out with every scoop. It’s no wonder then that you eat ice cream when you’re stressed! It’s simple science.

eat ice cream when you’re stressed

And there’s more. Did you also know that ice cream contains fat and protein? Both of these are essential groups that our body needs to help level our moods and energy levels (but in moderation, obvs.) As well as that, ice cream also contains amino acids including tryptophan, which have been proven to boost the amount of happy chemicals in our brain. This clever chemical is called serotonin, and it’s pretty much the natural elixir that helps us to feel calm, contented, and you guessed it…happy!

Returning You to Your Happy Place

Returning you to your happy place

As well as the science, we also believe ice cream has the power to bring you right back to those sweet memories and fill you with nostalgia. Whether it’s the memory of that first delicious moment you discovered mint choc chip or the comforting smell of vanilla that still takes you right back to your childhood – there’s something about ice cream that speaks to all of our senses, and can transport us right back to joyful moments we’ll never forget. For us at Nature’s Organic, that’s the magical beauty of the cold stuff we make.

An Extra Reason to Smile

extra reason to smile

When it comes to delivering happiness to our customers, we think we’ve got it down to a fine art here at Nature’s Organic. Not only do we specialize in the making of delicious ice cream – but every single one of our tubs is lovingly created using only the highest quality organic ingredients, with absolutely nothing artificial in sight. When our founder Supraja first began her pursuit of ice cream happiness, she was imagining a world where her kids could enjoy their favorite snack without ingesting all of the harmful contents. She was only too happy to do away with those nasty artificial additives, emulsifiers and pesticides, and make way for an ice cream that’s not going to leave you feeling down in the dumps. We’ve also got a fabulous vegan selection too, so no matter what your dietary requirements, we can deliver an ice cream that will have your belly smiling.

Oh, and before we go, there’s just enough time to solve another ice cream science mystery too! Ever wondered what’s really going on when you get ice cream headrush? Well, when something super cold like ice cream touches the roof of your mouth, it can actually cause your blood vessels to tense up, giving your brain the weird feeling that us ice cream lovers know all too well. So next time you’ve taken a huge bite out of your favorite Nature’s Organic flavor and you feel that cold rush coming on – simply try pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth. This will warm up your mouth and just like magic, the vessels will relax again. You’re welcome!

The Final Scoop

Did you know that by giving our organic ice cream a go you’re also helping to keep Mother Nature happy too? That’s because all of our delicious tubs are sustainably sourced and made.

Discover for yourself just how happy a few scoops of our Nature’s Organic ice cream can make you, and check out our host of uniquely delicious flavors today.

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