Is Organic Ice Cream Better For You?

Is Organic Ice Cream Better For You?

At the end of a long day, you probably just want to curl up into a blanket with your pint of ice cream, but you might find yourself thinking about how this will affect your health. You’re probably wondering why organic ice cream is better for you? Or what is the healthiest ice cream for you? This has been a dilemma for many. In this post we are discussing the benefits of eating organic ice cream.

Here are some reasons why organic ice cream is the way to go:

1. What is Special About Organic Ice Cream?

organic ice cream

Everything you read on the label should be straightforward and exactly what will be going into your body, which might not always be the case for conventional ice cream.

Organic ice cream is notoriously known for how well the livestock are treated and what they are fed.

It’s also made from USDA certified organic milk from naturally fed cows, cream, and the other essential ingredients such as sugar and various organic fruits, nuts, etc.

2. Absence of Harmful Chemicals

Have you taken a good look at the ingredients list of the chocolate fudge ice cream you just bought from the store Most people don’t. Well, to be frank, you should.

Most ice cream you see in the stores are made from ingredients that are cultivated using artificial methods. As a result, you are consuming potentially toxic chemicals, emulsifiers, and additives that your body isn’t meant to consume.

To name just a few:

Most of them have a purpose completely unrelated to food, which begs the question: why are we consuming these chemicals in the first place?

Organic ice cream is free of these toxic and loathsome substances, and it is made from organically cultivated ingredients without any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers involved in the refining processes. The ingredients don’t contain any preservatives to aid in prolonging shelf life, and the produce comes straight from the farm to your delicious bowl of frozen cream.

That’s right! Nothing but organic and natural ingredients. Switch to the safer route with Nature’s Organic Ice Cream, and grab a pint of some organic, all-natural, creamy goodness! If you want to jump on the even better route, try out our non-dairy organic alternatives, another amazing choice with a diverse selection of flavors, all made with organic coconut cream.

3. Packed with Nutrients

The process that goes into creating your typical, non-organic ice cream is one that uses tons of chemicals and hazardous manufacturing to rip the ice cream of almost all its nutrients. All you get in that scoop is flavor, and it’s not even like that flavor is natural.

However, store bought ice creams lack true flavor. It is substituted by loads of sugar and other sweeteners. At Nature’s Organic, we take pride in producing the best combinations of rich, natural flavors, and sweetness.

Your tastebuds will thank us, that’s for sure.

Organic ice cream contains a fair amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which help ameliorate the effects of numerous cardiac conditions including heart attacks and heart disease.


These acids were shown to be 50% higher in organic milk than in regular types, according to a 2016 European study.

The various benefits of eating organic ice cream should be clear to anyone. It is better for you in so many ways! The question is, will you try it? Check out our numerous exotic, fresh, and all-natural ice cream flavors, from the color to the luscious taste, at Nature Organic’s.

4. It’s The Ultimate Dessert!


When you get past the obvious amounts of sugar and calories in all ice cream, its organic counterparts pose numerous benefits to your health making the eating experience so much more rewarding.

The lack of potentially toxic chemicals and an abundance of nutrients in organic ice cream that’s virtually non-existent in regular kinds create a great dessert.


Though we may never know if ice cream is ever actually healthy, we can always enjoy the most natural, freshest form of it! Always look at the ingredients, and remember if you can’t recognize them, it’s probably best not to eat them. We would love to see you try out organic ice cream from Nature’s Organic collection. If you do, use @naturesicecream to tag us on Instagram and share your personal experience.

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