The Safe Pandemic Picnic Of Your Dreams

The Safe Pandemic Picnic Of Your Dreams

Ice cream is perfect for any time of year, and we could all do with a little bit of indulgence after the year we’ve been going through. You’re probably cooped up in your house and longing for social interaction that isn’t from a screen. Picnics are a great way to step outside and reunite your soul with nature and that delicious ice cream. If this isn’t possible where you are, you can always create the feeling of a picnic from the comfort and safety of your own home.

These are some helpful tips and ideas to enjoy a safe picnic during the Pandemic:

1. Invitations / Plan Ahead

Invitations Plan Ahead

When you are calling your friends and family, be sure there are only people who are part of your social distance bubble. Your bubble consists of a small group of people you have close physical contact with. You should check if they are healthy and that they don’t have any symptoms of the virus. Try to invite people who are not high risk to come so you ensure their safety. If someone is unable to make it due to personal issues you can always bring a laptop or device and have an online picnic during the Pandemic. Going by yourself is another option. Also, if at any point you have symptoms, you must cancel your plans and isolate. The most important aspect of this is that it stays safe at all times.

2. Choose The Right Destination/Time

Choose The Right Destination

It is key to stay away from large groups of people. You’re going to gravitate towards staying outside, but be sure to find a park or seating that is secluded, open air, and with adequate space, for you to socially distance. It can also be in your own backyard. but remember the limitations on the number of people you can invite. The ideal timing for this safe picnic is around noon, but plan it around the weather which is likely to be a factor. While it might not be as warm as it was earlier in the year, at least you won’t have to worry about your ice cream melting before you get there.

3. Bring Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Staying clean and healthy is the best way to avoid COVID- 19. Bring hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes or spray just in case something spills or you touch something by accident. You can never be too prepared. Of course, bring your masks and social distance to the best of your ability when your guests arrive.

4. Comfort


The best way to feel cozy when you’re outside is to make sure the clothes you are wearing are appropriate for the time of year. You can confirm that your picnic blankets and seating areas feel homey. If they do not meet your vibe-check, find more restful or peaceful things you can bring to make this occasion relaxing. Candles are a great option if you’re planning on meditating, and you can bring pillows or maybe a tent. You could even build an outdoor fort if you are committed and up to the challenge!

5. Picnic Food Safety

Picnic Food Safety

Food is one of the most important aspects of a fantastic picnic, but precautions are a must. Remember to take note of any food allergies or restrictions of anyone joining the event. Keep in mind that messy foods can be more of a hassle and are more likely to cause a commotion and more germs. It is best to stick with the basics and to bring everyone their own utensils and cups so they don’t accidentally contaminate someone else’s food.

6. Healthy and Easy Snack Ideas For Picnics

Healthy and Easy Snack Ideas

These days it is getting easier and easier to find healthy foods that taste great! Some ideas for the appetizers are; cucumber sandwiches, hummus dip, garlic bread, stuffed mushrooms, and you can never go wrong with a cheese plate and some crackers. For the main course, it is better to stick with something that is trouble free such as, a healthy pasta dish, a set of vegetable rolls or wraps stuffed with combos and flavors you love, or something as simple as a baked potato can go a long way if everyone brings their favorite topping for their potatoes. For dessert, you can definitely stick to something as delicate, and fulfilling as the creamy ice cream from Nature’s. There are so many fresh and trending flavors to choose from! You’ll always win when it comes to Nature’s Organic Ice Cream collection. You can bring frozen goods in an ice cooler with ice packs to make sure they stay fresh and ready to eat. Needless to say that you can always change the typical recipes for any foods to fit your requirements.

7. Games, Leisure, and Amusement


There are so many creative things you can bring, make, or do for your picnics. You can plan a perfect playlist, sketch together, go biking, anything that you’ve been missing over the past few months. Games and icebreakers are a great way to get the laughter going and conversation flowing. You can play truth or dare, or chat about the new hobbies you might have picked up in quarantine. Heads Up is a game you can play without difficulty and you could even ask your guests to install group games you can play on your devices together, all without having to break social distancing guidelines.


Though your safety comes first, it does not mean that your happiness is out of the question. We can’t wait to see how you create the picnic of your dreams! Tag us as @naturesorganic on Instagram, so we can see you enjoying your outdoor masterpiece. Stay safe, keep calm, eat Nature’s Organic Ice Cream, and be strong.

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