Want to Self-Indulge This Spring? Treat Yourself With These Great Ideas!

Want to Self-Indulge This Spring? Treat Yourself With These Great Ideas!

The same way spring flora need nourishing year-round to survive and bloom, we too need to practice self-care to flourish and bring our best selves forward each day. The stresses of work and study can leave us feeling burnt out, lacking the energy or motivation to do the simple things that can bring us happiness and rejuvenation. This stress makes it even more important to remember to treat yourself this spring, and every other season for that matter, whether it be dabbling in personal hobbies, indulging in a healthy sweet treat, or getting some fresh air on an outdoor hike.

If you’re wondering how to treat yourself this spring season, we have got you covered. Below are some of our favorite and easy self-care tips for spring that you can incorporate into your self-care routine. A little bit of self-care and self-love each day goes a long way. It will bring balance to your life, recovering and resetting your mind and body to weather the many seasons of life, including work and other responsibilities.


Nourish Your Body and Soul With A Healthy Treat

Your favorite comfort foods are probably the ones that your parents treated you to as a child. Yummy snacks like ice cream are one of the best ways to reward, celebrate, or make you feel better – would you agree? All food should be eaten in moderation when it comes to treating yourself, so it makes sense to opt for healthier alternatives to traditional desserts often filled with sugar and harmful chemicals. Nowadays, we are fortunate enough to have healthy versions of many delicious treats, including ice cream! Nature’s Organic ice cream is made with real, fresh, and organic ingredients, excluding nasty processed additives. The spring ice cream flavors we recommend this season are flowery Honey Lavender, exotic Basil, rosy Falooda, and purple yam-packed Ube. A comforting scoop of your favorite natural ice cream is guaranteed to melt away all of your worries!


Feel Rejuvenated with A Pampering Session

A tranquil moment to yourself is a true luxury these days. Make it even more indulging and look for ways to treat yourself with rejuvenation for an hour or two. This time could be for a massage, candlelit bath with essential oils, or beauty masks. Buy your favorite face mask or make your own mask focusing on your skin concerns, whether it be refreshing tired skin and eyes, brightening the complexion, or moisturizing dry skin. When you have a face mask on, you usually need to leave it for 20-30 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to pop on a playlist, burn some incense, close your eyes, covering them with cucumber for a cooling sensation, and ultimately, relax.


Get Your Dose of Fresh Air and Explore the Outdoors

We are lucky to have some beautiful and large reserves in Fremont and the SF Bay. On a day off, why not start the day with a morning walk around Victoria Lake at Central Park or a more challenging hike at Mission Peak? You’ll feel accomplished having started the day with an outdoor fitness activity that also gave you time to take in your surroundings, live in the moment, and breathe in the fresh air around you.


Invigorate Yourself with Your Favorite Form of Fitness

Most of us know about the happy hormone endorphins, which are released when we exercise. If you are someone who has a regular exercise regime, then you would know that during the times when you’re lacking motivation but still have a workout, you feel incredible afterward. Use your self-care fitness days to mentally stimulate you, rather than focusing on an aesthetic outcome. This way, you will enjoy it more and feel invigorated and in an uplifted mood afterward. Some fun forms of fitness include yoga, pilates, and walking. These will have you feeling relaxed and energized simultaneously. More dynamic, blood circulating exercises like HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and running will have you on an endorphins-provoked high all day.


Try New Hobbies

Sometimes, as we get older or leave school, we find ourselves not learning any new hobbies. Instead, we learn skills in the workplace. Mentally challenging yourself by learning new hobbies is an excellent way to practice self-care, growing yourself outside of the workplace. Maybe you have always wanted to learn a new language, or perhaps you have wanted to take up piano for years. Don’t let the chance slip by. Treating yourself to personal hobby time is a rewarding experience that satisfies the inner child and gives us a break from the busyness around us.

The Final Scoop

Just like eating sweet treats, most things in life require balance. Too much of anything isn’t good for you, which is why when it comes to ways to treat yourself this summer, spring, or any time of the year, you should incorporate a variety of things. This way, you won’t feel like you’re adding to your workload, rather neutralizing it. Too many hikes will have you sore during the week. Too many facials might cause your skin to dry or break out. Mix things up, and you’ll soon realize self-care comes in many forms and benefits us in many ways. We’ll leave it on this note while we treat ourselves to an ice cream cone in the park and relish the stunning spring scenery. Take care!

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