How Much Do You Really Know About Different Types Of Ice Cream?

How Much Do You Really Know About Different Types Of Ice Cream?

Ice cream… It’s a topic we talk about all the time, but how much do you really know about the different types of ice cream desserts? That’s right, there’s more than one dessert that falls within the ice cream category and we’re about to share them with you.

We’ll cover everything from what they’re made with to the basic terminology and everything in between, so keep reading! And when you’re done, check out our article on what you can make with your favorite organic ice cream flavors.

The Most Popular Types Of Ice Cream

This list has the potential to become long winded so to keep it simple, we’ll be looking at the 5 most popular types of ice cream that include ice cream made with a traditional custard base, the less creamy Philadelphia ice cream, fro-yo, Gelato and, of course, sorbet.

So, when it comes to answering the question “how many types of ice cream are there?”, it’s a bit of a complex answer but this top 5 list should help narrow things down.

1. Custard Based Ice Cream

custard based ice cream

This is the most common form of ice cream, made using egg yolk and cream. They are rich in flavor and have a velvety smooth texture. They’re also versatile and can be enhanced with other flavors and ingredients.

In the U.S., to be classified as ice cream, the contents of the frozen treat need to have a minimum of 10-12% milkfat and 10-15% milk solids. The cooling process of this base is important, and it needs to be chilled before churning to ensure that the texture is correct and not icy.

An example of this would be your classic store-bought ice cream, or the ice cream scoops sold at your local ice cream parlor. They’re easy to scoop into a bowl or cone and have a delightful creamy texture.

2. Philadelphia Style

Philadelphia style ice cream

To make this ice cream, no heat or eggs are required, so it can easily be classified as vegan when made with plant-based milks. Without the fat contained in the egg, stabilizers and thickening agents may need to be added, for example, xanthan gum or cornstarch. It’s a lighter ice cream base that compliments rich, densely flavored ingredients.

Essentially what we’re saying is that if an ice cream made by simply churning milk, cream, sugar, and flavorings is often referred to as Philadelphia style ice cream.

Another aspect to note with this is that the low-fat content of this type of ice cream makes it a better option for individuals looking to manage their weight. It’s also more of a refreshing, and less heavy, form of the traditional frozen dessert.

3. Frozen Yogurt

frozen Yogurt

Fro-yo has become a crowd favorite when it comes to frozen desserts. As the name implies, the ice cream base is made using yogurt. This also gives the ice cream a unique, rich flavor profile and texture.

4. Gelato


This frozen treat is the low fat, Italian version of custard-based ice cream. The milkfat content is only between 4 and 9%, but even with the lack of cream, this dessert is far denser than it’s more “traditional” counterpart. It can be tricky to make at home, but definitely worth experimenting with.

5. Sorbet


The truth is, with no milk in it, sorbet, or sherbet, isn’t technically an ice cream. But we love a scoop or two every once and a while and decided to add it to our list. This treat is made using fruit juice, water, and sugar.

You can even include herbs and vegetables for a unique flavor sensation. Sorbets can either be a palette cleanser between meals or a dessert, the choice is yours. To improve the texture, pasteurized eggs can be added.

For the American version, sherbet, milk can be added to the mixture before churning.

It’s Time To Discover The World Of Ice Cream

This list is the tip of the iceberg, and almost every country across the globe has their own version of ice cream. All you need to do is be adventurous and give the different types of ice cream a try.

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