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Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream: Who is the Winner?

Today things are about to get heated, pretty strange for a blog on frozen treats, right? Well, we’re all about keeping things interesting – from our unique natural ice cream flavors to the topics that we like to debate. Which brings us to the reason for this post, in the battle of frozen yogurt v/s… Read more »


5 Effective Ways to Be Good to Your Heart

February is the month of love, and as such, our hearts become a key focus. So, in honor of this time, we want to shine the spotlight on heart health and ways to keep your heart healthy. In case you missed the day of a health class that discussed the heart and all that goes… Read more »


How Our Ice Creams Get the Colors Without Using Additives

Food additives are ingredients added to food to maintain or enhance its shelf life, safety, freshness, taste, texture, or appearance. While this is usually done with the best intention, not all food additives are safe. Here at Nature’s Organic, we pride ourselves in making 100% natural ice cream that has been created using organic ingredients… Read more »


An All Natural Ice Cream That Kids Will Love

Whether it’s sweets, chocolate, burgers or ice cream, parents are likely to be unwilling to give their children any unhealthy junk food as a snack. Sugary or fatty foods will be bad for their health, both physical and mental, and the struggle to get kids to eat the foods you want them to can feel… Read more »

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